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Quiana Mann’s 10-Year-Old Son Faces Judge In Latest Hearing, Here’s What We Know At The Moment

This story continues to become more sad as more details emerge. Quiana Mann’s life was cut short at the hands of her own child. New information about the incident has been emerging as family members speak to the media about the events leading to that sad day in November and what has been happening during the child’s hearings.

The November passing of Quiana Mann has divided a family. While they mourn the loss of a beloved daughter, mother and sister, they also have to cope with the fate of the boy who has remained unidentified in the press. He reportedly was upset with his mother for waking him up early and not purchasing the VR headset he had requested. The young kid would grab an [item] from his mother’s closet, which he discharged at close range.

While the boy initially told authorities he was playing with the item when it went off, they now know this is not true. Not only did he go grab it intentionally, but he actually had the key to the locked closet from the evening before. His aunt Rhona Reid and grandmother Lueritha Mann opened up to the news outlet, expressing their shock and confusion over what happened. Mann’s mother describes seeing her daughter being brought out of the house with the young man walking out behind it smiling.

The unidentified boy’s legal team has been trying to get his bail reduced due to him having no money. They have also been trying to make sure that he is tried as a juvenile. So far, the judge has dismissed a second count. However, if it goes to an adult trial, the boy will receive a mandatory life sentence if he’s found guilty. While his aunt is hoping to get him some real help or treatment, his grandmother says she has yet to be able to speak to the boy and wants him to pay for what he’s done.

They fear him getting out and are not sure what to do with him just yet, stating that the boy likes to roam around at night and they would not be comfortable having him in the home. The 10-year-old’s father was present during the latest hearing via zoom, but did not speak. His doctors had recommended they limit his time with video games, so that was why his mother had refused to buy him the headset. The boy had also recently set a fire in the family home. According to reports, he did go ahead and order the VR headset moments after the shooting. The next day when apologizing to his grandmother for what he’d done, he asked her if his package had arrived.

The family continues to raise money for Quiana Mann on GoFundMe. To date the campaign has raised on $16,000.

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