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City Girl Rapper Yung Miami Asks Trina About Her Rumored Relationship With Legendary Female Rapper

Trina is one of hip-hop’s most eligible bachelorettes. She’s dating some of the hottest men in entertainment, from Lil Wayne to French Montana. Is it possible that she dating some women as well? Rumors of Trina dating a legendary female rapper have gone back for years, and Yung Miami decided to get the tea in the preview for an upcoming episode of Caresha Please.

Missy Elliot has been a staple in hip-hop, R&B, and pop since the early ’90s. As a result, she has written for some of the biggest acts in music. This includes Aaliyah, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Mariah Carey. Missy has also fielded rumors about her preference for years, which has been egged on by her tomboy aesthetic and lack of any public boyfriends. While her famous friends Mary J. Blige, Da Brat, and MC Lyte have all faced similar rumors, Missy is the most popular due to her affiliation with female acts like Tweet, Olivia, Nicole Wray, and her former protege Sharaya J.

While Da Brat and Queen Latifah have come out the closet to different degrees and live pretty happy and open lives, Missy has yet to publicly address her preference or date anyone public. She did, however, make a light reference to rumors on the single “Gossip Folks.” In the song’s intro, she said, “Girl, I heard she eats one cracker a day. Oh well, I heard the b* was married to Tim and started [messing] with Trina.” This was in reference to speculation that she was dating her producer Timbaland and/or dating rapper Trina. Missy and Trina have collaborated on several songs, including “Minute Man,” “I Got a Bottle,” and “I’m Better.”

Trina has never been associated with any other women and, for the majority of her career, has dated men. This has included Tory Lanez, Lil Wayne, French Montana, Meek Mill, James Harden, Soulja Boy, Allen Iverson, and Young Buck. Trina most recently has been linked to Raymond Taylor, a rapper, and former basketball star. The rapper revealed she was engaged back in 2021.

Trina recently caught up with her fellow Miami native Yung Miami to talk about a number of topics. While the episode has yet to air, everyone is shocked that Yung Miami asked the million-dollar question, did Trina ever date Missy Elliott? The commercial featured a record scratch and a shocked expression from the 305 legend. So what is the tea on Trina and Missy? The rumor has it the two women were hooking up in the early ’00s, around the time they collaborated on “One Minute Man.” The rumors even claim that Missy Elliott laid hands on Trina after finding her in bed with two adult entertainers.

Trina addressed the rumors in 2007. She admitted to being shocked by them and then annoyed; however, she dismissed it. “When I heard the rumors that we were more than friends, at first I was like, ‘that’s the ignorant minds of some people,’” she told SOHH. She concluded, “People are going to say whatever, regardless. She is just my friend, that’s it. It’s never been a more than just friends.”

Yung Miami’s new episode of ‘Caresha Please’ airs today at 5pm. Let’s see if Trina’s answer sheds anymore light on the rumor.

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